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Posted by on in General Travel

Most of us stay happy with the regular mundane life. Being happy and content is the key to peace in our lives. However, a tad adventurous experience amidst this boring life is not bad at times. Who does not want to go bungee jumping on Sandak phu hills? Or go water rafting in the Amazon? Or perhaps go for a trek in Kanchanjunga? Or may be a simple camel ride in the Sahara? Surely maximum people will enjoy such experience!
People go on trips for various reasons and in various ways. For some a trip is a way to release him from hectic work schedule, for some others, it is a passion to go on world tours and for others, it is a luxurious way to spend leisure hours. Some of you go the organized way like pre-booking the tickets and hotels. But some of you like to take a joy ride on a vacation without any planning. For all the whimsical and adventurous lot, here is a list of 10 most dangerous places that they can venture into—

Please see editors notes below in the comments.

Brazil- As soon as you hear the tune of the hep song, ‘Brazil,’ your feet start tapping automatically. Rhythm is inherent is almost all Latin American countries and Brazil is no exception. However, one must note that Brazil is a dangerous place. There is lots of adventure to explore and things to do which people will simply love though it is dangerous.

Somalia- Some of us most definitely have come across this name in our geography text books in high school. The name itself generates some excitement. It is truly so but most of the text books miss out the vital part that it is extremely dangerous. Maximum web links list Somalia among the most dangerous places in the world. Blue back waters, gigantic sea waves and rugged terrain are not all that Somalia has. It is also known for its feuds and anti-social activities.

Danakil desert, Ethiopia- Deserts have attracted travellers time and again. Thus Danakil desert will definitely get attention but experts call it “the cruellest place on earth” owing to its destructive volcanoes.

Venezuela- One can relate Venezuela with wonderful beaches and rough landscape that makes it more adventurous and dangerous.

Mount Everest- Many of us don’t know that this historical range has a terrible weather. But still feel the adventure to climb the mountains can be fun when you are with group of friends.

Yemen- is not a much visited place, but still one can visit there to enjoy the beauty. This makes it interesting and enjoyable.

Kenya- Africa scores yet again to host one of the deadliest places. Starting from adventure and thrill and enjoy danger, Kenya has it all.      

Lebanon- Known as “Paris of the Middle-East,” is home to Palestinian extremists, Hezbollah groups as well.

Pakistan (North) - According to the Foreign office, most parts of Pakistan should be avoided on a tour. Terrorism, violence, open shootouts and Taliban’s, are enough reasons to make Pakistan a notorious place.

Jammu and Kashmir, India- In the quotient of danger, India does not lag far behind. Despite Communal conflicts, religious turmoil and extremism and fundamentalism, people do not forget to enjoy the adventurous trip of rock climbing on the steep mountain sides and more.

For all the adventure craving tourists, these places may be appealing but go at your own risk. However, one should always bear in mind, that there are high levels of risks associated with these places and one should take care of the same.  

This is a guest post written by Sunil Gupta on behalf of

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Posted by on in General Travel
The World's Most Exhilarating Climbs

Regardless of your climbing experience, booking a trip to any of the mountains listed in this article is certain to provide you with truly amazing memories. Fewer people take up this hobby nowadays due to the responsibilities of modern life, but this just means you’ll be able to experience the wonders of trekking without too many other people getting in the way. So long as you’ve bought all the right kit, and you’ve employed the services of a guide, there’s no reason why even the most novice of ramblers shouldn’t be able to have a fantastic time.

Years ago, reaching the summit of some of the mountains on this list was almost unthinkable, and indeed only a few people actually managed it without causing themselves serious injuries, but in recent times - thanks to advancements technology - it’s much safer, and so thousands of people do it each and every year. The summit club isn’t quite as exclusive anymore, but anyone who makes it right to the top should still consider the endeavour to be a major achievement - just remember to take your camera, because it’s a long way back down to fetch it.

Mera Peak

This is one of the lesser known mountains situated within the Himalayas. Its close proximity to Mount Everest is probably the only reason you probably haven’t heard about it, but in truth, most experienced climbers claim it to be a much more exciting trek. At 6476 meters high, the chances of you reaching the summit in a single day are almost non existent, so make sure you take a tent along for the journey. For the most part, Mera Peak offers stunning views of Nepal and on a clear day, people claim it’s possible to see well inside the Chinese border.


As the second largest mountain on earth, K2 stands at around 8811 meters tall and is located somewhere in the Karakoram Range between the borders of China and Pakistan. Only a few hundred people have ever made it right to the summit due to far more treacherous conditions, which means this mountain is one of the only ones where you’ll be joining an elite club if you make it to the top.

Mount Elbrus

Unlike K2, this is much easier to navigate due to a less angular incline. Mount Elbrus is located between Europe, Russia and Asia, which is why it’s so popular internationally. The climb itself if unlikely to be particularly exhilarating, although the same cannot be said for the views from the summit.


This is the tallest mountain in Tanzania, and indeed, in the whole of Africa. Climbers from all around the world have visited this nation over the last 100 or so years in search of excitement, and few have come away disappointed. Reaching the summit of this mountain is no easy feat, and anyone who manages to achieve it should give themselves a well earned pat on the back.

So, now you’ve learnt a little bit about some of the world’s most exhilarating climbs and the countries that contain them, I hope you’ll be more inclined to go trekking more often. It really is important that we all become one with nature from time to time.

See you soon!

Blog posted from Mera Peak, Makalu Barun National Park 56000, Nepal View larger map
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Posted by on in General Travel
Truffle Travels: Five Destinations for Fungi Fanatics


For many foodies, truffles are one of life’s great culinary experiences and if you are a fungi fanatic, you are prepared to search high and low for your reward, a black or white truffle.

Here are five of the top destinations for finding the very best truffles available.

Alba in Italy

The trifola d’Alba is probably one of the most famous white truffles in the world and the annual harvest, which is held from mid-October until late December, features the showcase event of the calendar, The White Truffle Festival.

Part of the Alba Festival is a truffle hunt through the medieval village of Roddi and there is a restaurant there called Osteria dell’Arco which specialises in dishes aimed at fungi lovers during the truffle season.

Forcoli in Italy

Many people consider that the black Tuscan truffle can be just as good as the white truffle found in Alba, despite it not getting the same level of publicity.

Forcoli is a very small town near Pisa and the Savini family are responsible for hand-harvesting this sought-after delicacy for many generations. If you are staying locally there is also the opportunity to partake in a truffle hunting expedition with the Savini family or if you prefer someone else to do all the work, pick up one of their jars of black truffle paté


Vaucluse in France


This south-eastern region of France is considered to be one of the top spots for black truffles and it is harvested on Mont Ventoux from early November until the beginning of March.

Vaucluse is located in Provence and the area is an excellent base for a culinary holiday experience. You can probably find a house or apartment through the popular site HouseTrip, which offers properties owned by local people, giving you a more genuine feel of being a resident, albeit temporarily, compared to a hotel stay.

Some people might ask the question, Is HouseTrip safe? But when you see the very large number of positive reviews and experiences, it can very often be considered a good way of seeing and enjoying a region while having a local base with all the comforts of home.


Istria in Croatia


The northern Croatian cape is a well-known gem that is loved by truffle aficionados throughout the world. There are three black varieties that are harvested in this area and there are several guided excursions arranged locally through the legendary Motovun woods.


The hunters are probably hoping to emulate events of 1999 when the largest white truffle ever found was discovered near Buje.

Oregon in the United States

January 2014 will be the 9th year of the Oregon Truffle Festival and is the festival of its kind in the states.

You will be treated to four varieties of black and white truffles including the white wild Oregon truffle which is found in the Willamette Valley. Some purists who consider Europe to be the home of the truffle, still find it easy to scoff at the idea of New World tubers, but they grow in popularity and gain increased acceptance in restaurant kitchens for each year of the festival that passes.

If you are a fungi fanatic then you will almost certainly want to head to one of these destinations to indulge in your favourite culinary pursuit.

Andrew Matthews is addicted to food and travel. He enjoys finding and sharing his experiences with fellow travellers.





Blog posted from Istria County, Croatia View larger map
Tagged in: Croatia France Italy USA
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If you’ve watched Lord of the Rings, you’ll know all about the stunning scenery that calls New Zealand home. With mountain ranges, lakes, glaciers and endless coastlines, this is a country that really has it all. Whether you’re due to visit the north or the south island, I thoroughly recommend you do a car rental and take a trip away from the cities and towns. They’re beautiful too of course, but you will be amazed at what’s waiting for you only a drive away.

If you want to experience some once-in-a-lifetime activities, this is the perfect opportunity for you to step outside of your comfort zone and take the plunge. Here’s what you could do on your road trip:

Relax in hot springs


After a long flight to New Zealand, you’ll be wanting a bit of rest and relaxation. Luckily the country has its very own natural way of giving you this - in the form of hot springs. There are many luxury resorts where you can sit in the shadow of a great snowy mountain whilst warming yourself from your neck to your toes; it’s absolute bliss and shouldn’t be missed. Submerging yourself in a freshwater or sulphur pool will get you feeling fully rejuvenated for the rest of your journey.

My recommendation: Hanmer Springs, 90 minutes from Christchurch

Go whale watching


Have you ever seen a whale in the wild? New Zealand’s coastline is the perfect place to do it. Drive to Kaikoura on the south island and you could be in for a brilliant experience. Just this week the crew of one whale watching company has seen sperm and orca whales as well as dolphins and seals. What makes this area particularly special is the Kaikoura Canyon, a 2 km deep trench where two strong sea currents converge.

Go to: Kaikoura, 2.5 hours from Christchurch

Brush up on your skiing

Skiing Queensland

Head to Coronet Peak to brush up on your ski and snowboarding skills. Usually open from June until October (snow permitting) the terrain is perfect for all ability levels. In fact, the split is pretty even with 25 per cent of the slopes for beginners, 45 per cent for intermediates, and the remaining 30 per cent for the pros. What makes this ski resort especially cool is that it offers night skiing, giving it the title of the park with the longest opening times in New Zealand.

Stay in: Queenstown, 20 minutes away

Taste local wine

New Zealand wine

You’ll want to book an overnight stay for this activity, but it’s certainly worthwhile. Drive north of Christchurch to Waipara Hills. Here you’ll be able to try all of the aromatic varieties the valley is well known for: pinot gris, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc and chardonnay. If you have a little bit more time, you could also go for a tour of the winery which gives you a little bit more insight into your favourite tipples.

Taste at: Waipara Hills, 45 minutes from Christchurch

Blog posted from Queenstown, New Zealand View larger map
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Posted by on in Malta
Travelling or learning English in Malta

Often overlooked by tourists and language learners alike, Malta offers holidaymakers much more than just sun, sea and sand. The island archipelago is virtually in the centre of the Mediterranean and its climate is typical for its location. Summers are hot, with temperatures reaching consistently over 30 degrees Celsius, and winters are extremely mild giving travellers the perfect setting to explore the rich and diverse activities Malta has to offer.


Beaches are plentiful and most offer water sports. Diving is extremely popular off the coast of Malta due to the crystal clear waters which house a diversity of marine life, reefs, caves and wrecks. Inland there is an abundance of other sports to try out, from golf to horseback riding and almost everything in between, sports fanatics will not be disappointed in Malta.

For a slightly more relaxing activity, it is worth spending some time exploring Malta’s history. Its colonial past is evident in the magnificent architecture which graces most cities and villages and remains of its pre-history dating back 7000 years can be explored in one of Malta’s several archaeological sites.

This will leave just enough time in the evenings to sample one of Malta’s delicious seafood restaurants, go for a drink in the lively St. Julian’s Bay and, for the night-owls, go dancing in one of Malta’s top night clubs.

All of this would surely be a perfect complement to an English course on the bilingual island. Maltalingua English Language School, which overlooks the vibrant St. Julian’s Bay, offers an extremely high standard of teaching, modern facilities and even its own private pool and rooftop terrace! Outside of the classroom you can mix with fellow students or mingle with the locals, striking up conversations in English. For your chance to win a free English course at Maltalingua, just enter the competition on their website:

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