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Many people love to explore the water and try out new activities, so if you are planning a trip to an exotic location renowned for its snorkeling or scuba diving sites then choosing to do either of these two activities is a great idea. However, if you're not really sure about the differences between these two water sports then hopefully this will help you make your decision easier.



What Is It?

Snorkeling is an activity where you can swim with your head under the water whilst the rest of your body floats on the water's surface. Using a snorkel, you can breathe constantly whilst viewing the sea bed below. If you want to go deeper then you need to hold your breath and dive downwards to get a closer look at some of the sea life.

Snorkeling can be done in either deep or shallow waters and it is a great way to view coral, fish, algae and other organisms in warm and calm water.

What Do I Need?

The equipment that you need for snorkeling is minimal, a mask, a snorkel and fins (which are optional) are all you really need to snorkel properly. You can either hire or buy in store or online for masks, snorkels, fins and more.

Why Do It?

Snorkeling is an ideal way of relaxing whilst also spending time with family or friends and sharing a truly beautiful experience. With many interesting things to look at, this is an educational as well as a fun activity for people of all ages and swimming abilities.

Is It Dangerous?

Snorkeling is, for the most part, a safe activity. The only risks that can occur when snorkeling are sun burn, dehydration and the danger of not being seen by boats. The best thing you can do to improve your level of visibility is to wear bright clothing and point your arm upwards when emerging from the water so that you can be seen.

Scuba Diving

What Is It?

Scuba diving is a form of diving where you can go deep underwater with breathing apparatus so that you can get close to fish, coral, algae and the ocean floor. An ideal activity for people that have tried snorkeling but want to challenge themselves further, scuba diving is better for more confident swimmers over age 15.

What Do I Need?

You need more equipment when scuba diving than you do when snorkeling. Equipment will include a wetsuit, regulator, gas tank, tube and mouthpiece. You can buy all of this equipment but it is very bulky in terms of taking it from place to place and it can also be very expensive to buy. Hiring out the gear is the best option for you, especially if you are trying it out for the first time.

Why Do It?

Scuba diving not only allows you to develop a new skill through its training process, but it also allows you to go further in distance and depth too without worrying about running out of breath. You can also make a career out of scuba diving by becoming an instructor or sea life photographer. There are different levels of difficulty when it comes to scuba diving too.

Is It Dangerous?

Suffering from decompression sickness and anxiety attacks when underwater can occur, but if you get the proper training and know what to do in these circumstances the risk is really in your hands.

Snorkeling Vs Scuba Diving - Which Is Better?

Overall, both activities have their advantages and disadvantages but which activity is best for you depends on you as an individual. Snorkeling is great if you are on vacation with your young family and want to try something different or you are on vacation where you can't carry too much equipment with you.

However, scuba diving is ideal for adventurous honeymooners, nature enthusiasts or anyone who wants to go a little further than the surface of the water. Try each activity once and you won't be disappointed, then you can do whichever you prefer as many times as you like, gaining more experience on each trip!


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Ask any book lover who is traveler and they will tell you how much more meaningful their holidays become when they coordinate it with a good book that is set in the same city or town they are visiting. By picking up literature that is set in a particular geography that you are visiting, you can enrich your travels with insightful experiences into the past, present and the future.

If you are planning a Berlin travel anytime soon, you may want to pick up a book that allows you to soak the history, culture and heritage of this German city. The city of Berlin has been an epicenter of modern history. This has been effectively reflected in many ways through its equally rich literal history.

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Here is a list of some of the class novels set in the city, which will truly take your Berlin travels up a notch.

Goodbye to Berlin, Christopher Isherwood, 1939

This compelling story is written in the form of an autobiography and takes you through the wicked and wild nature of the city between the two Great Wars and Hitler’s rise to power.

Berlin Alexanderplatz, Alfred Doblin, 1929

This story revolves around the life of Franz Biberkopf who after having released from the prison promises to lead a life of a decent man in the underbelly of Weimar Berlin. This particular novel is considered to be one of the greatest novels of 20th Century German literature.

All Soul’s Day, Cees Nooteboom, 2001

If you are looking for something more contemporary on your Berlin travel, consider picking up All Soul’s Day. This book talks about a story that took place at the cusp of the new millennium. The protagonist, Arthur Daane resides in wintry Berlin. The story takes you through his struggle in trying piece together is life, through which the reader is able to travel through Berlin’s past and present.

Heroes Like Us, Thomas Brussig,1995

A book about Klaus Uhltzcht, an aspiring teenage Nobel laureate based in East Berlin, this book with packed with humor and a number of laugh-out-loud moments. The protagonist of this book claims to be the ‘missing link’ of history, the man who breached the Berlin Wall.

Book of Clouds, Chloe Aridjis, 2009

Set in modern day Berlin, this beautifully reminiscent book revolves around the life of a young Mexican woman who has run away from her family home only to arrive into a city that is not able to escape its past.

March Violets, Philip Kerr, 1989

Based in the 1930s, this book is set in Berlin during the time when one was never to far from Nazi excesses. This book revolves around the events that take place with Freelance detective Bernie Gunther.

The Innocent, Ian McEwan, 1990

Set in the year 1955, Leonard Markham, the main protagonist of the book arrives in cold war Berlin after leaving England. The complex and dangerous nature of the city forces him into experiences even the reader will cringe over.

Alone in Berlin, Hans Fallada, 1947

An excellent insight into the heart of Hitler’s capital, this story is based on the lives of Otto and Anna Quangel who are alone in the 1940s Berlin.

Stasiland, Anna Funder, 2003

This book takes you through some thrilling insights on the secret police of East Germany and how it controlled the nation. This story is set around the time of the fall of the Berlin wall and the consequent panic it ensued at the Stari Headquarters.

In addition to these, also go through Berlin travel guides and reader forums for recommendations on some of the most gripping works of literature for your upcoming travels. 

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Go Fishing in Vancouver at the Dent Island Lodge

Vancouver is touted to be the land of fishing and has been titles as the Campbell River area’s “Salmon Capital of the World” and Cowichan River’s “Fly fishing capital of Canada”. Whether you are looking for fishing sites with fresh fish or saltwater fishes, Vancouver is the place to be.

Additionally, if you are looking for exclusive and customized angling vacations, then you ought to head towards the Campbell River fishing grounds, located adjacent to the Vancouver Island. The Dent Island Lodge is one of the most sought after lodges that provide exclusive and customized options to add to your fishing experience. Whether you plan for salmons on a day and go scorching on the pristine BC Rivers or fly fishing for trout, the BC fishing charters are available to take your experience to a completely different horizon.

A dent island lodge is the ideal one for your fishing vacation as it is the most closely located to the Vancouver Island. This is regarded as the best place to be if you are wishing to go Salmon fishing. The dent Island Lodgeis a luxury British Columbia fishing lodge that overlooks one of the most splendid salmon fishing areas of the world.

1.    The Stuart Island’s Yuculta

2.    The Arran Rapids

Both of these salmon fishing hubs are located in between the mainland British Columbia, Canada and the Vancouver Island.

There is a multitude of fishing options available on the Vancouver Island for all kinds of fish lovers, be it a novice one or an experienced one. If you are a beginner in fishing, you need not fret while at Vancouver Island. This island provides all the necessary aids in order to help the beginner in achieving their fishing targets. Salmons are of five types mainly. They are,

1.    Chinook

2.    The sockeye

3.    Chum

4.    Coyo

5.    pink

Features of the dent Island Lodge

  • Experienced, knowledgeable and professional BC fishing guides
  • Exclusive boats designed to go fishing in these waters
  • Cabin cruiser coverage along with a marine toilet.

Following components are included in the fishing trip provided by the dent island Lodge. They are

  • Bait,
  • Tackle,
  • Fuel,
  • Packaging options for the catch
  • Freezing options for the catch
  • Foul weather gear
  • Sea Sickness kits
  • Map
  • Fishing guides

If you wish to experience the thrilling and magnetizing feat of a hard fighting Chinook salmon on the other end of your action reel, then, come and see by yourself! While there are many fishing options available for every individual who lands in the Vancouver city, the most popular activities of them all is the ocean kayaking, shrimping, crabbing and clamming to name a few. Vancouver is quite famous for being the treasure trove of the very famous and well-populated Orca, Hump Back and the Grey Whale. This is not all. Your prized catch along with some sumptuous sea food platter can be very well the dinner for your days in Vancouver. Now, isn’t that something really exciting?

The Dent island Lodge is the ideal place to enjoy a great fishing vacation along with your family and children as well.


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Seemingly overnight Dubai has risen from the desert to become one of the world’s premier tourist destinations. With fine dining, high-class hotels, and a plethora of attractions to choose from, one could spend months here without seeing everything. Indeed, because of its superlative nature, many people find themselves overwhelmed by everything Dubai has to offer. As such, having the best time possible requires at least some planning. This article will look at three important aspects to consider when travelling to the Emirates: where to stay, what to do, and where to eat


Where to stay

Dubai is home to some of the most luxurious and stunning hotels on the planet. These hotels, however, often come at a hefty price, meaning most visitors to Dubai will have to get a little creative about their accommodation. One great way to experience Dubai without breaking the bank is by renting property. Because Dubai has so many expatriates with holiday homes in the city, these properties are often rented out on a short-term basis to travellers. Rented properties can range from basic to luxurious, and it is worth looking into sites like Dubizzler to see what is available.


What to do

Dubai is famous for many things, but its biggest draw certainly has to be shopping. From gold to electronics to high-end fashion, Dubai is a shopper’s paradise. The Dubai Mall is the largest in the world, featuring a massive aquarium and it also serves as the entrance to the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. Being so large, almost everything one could imagine is on offer here. For something more traditional, the souks in the older section of Dubai are great for getting a sense of this Emirate’s history, as well as finding exotic gold and spices to take back home. When done with the shopping, there are plenty of other amenities, such as beaches, amusement parks, and desert safaris. The official tourism site for Dubai, Definitely Dubai, is a useful source of information on what to do.


Where to eat

Being home to such a large international community means the food in Dubai is truly diverse. From cheap falafels sold by street vendors to five-star restaurants, there is no end to Dubai’s culinary delights. For those who want a truly special experience, however, the best restaurants tend to be located within the high-end hotels. Typically, these restaurants will require a reservation for non-guests. Located on an artificial island, eating at the Burj al-Arab is one way to get a taste of the high-life. Alternatively, the appropriately named AT.MOSPHERE is located a staggering 122 stories above the city in the Burj Khalifa. The views, especially at sunset, are spectacular.

Whether one wants to hit the beach, shop for the perfect souvenir, or dine on some of the best food in the world, there is almost nothing that Dubai does not offer. In Dubai, only the best will suffice, and visitors can expect their time here to be filled with experiences they would have nowhere else in the world.


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Travelling is one of the best ways you can get to know the world around you. When we travel, we are exposed to a different culture and a different way of life. Travelling opens our eyes to the many wonders of the world, and never is this more evident than on a visit to the exciting, beautiful city of London.

When someone says London, many of us already have an image in our heads – it could be the royal family, Big Ben, the parks, or even the Underground. Whatever it is, we all know that London is a must-see location for many reasons.

But, before hopping on a plane to London, there are a few things you must know so you can have an easy and memorable holiday to this amazing city.

A UK Visa

Some countries may require a visa to visit London. To find out if you can visit without a visa or if you need to apply for one, it would be a good idea for you to check the UK Border Agency website. Otherwise, you can also check with your local British embassy or consulate.



Hotels central London are near all of the major attractions

You will be given a visitor visa for a limited period of time if you are only going to London on holiday, so you may want to confirm with the embassy or UK Border Agency how long the visitor visa’s period is if you are planning to stay for a longer time.

Money matters

British currency is known as the pound sterling. Denominations include £5, £10, £20, and £50. As for coins, they come as 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1, and £2. When it comes to money exchange services, you can find them in banks, post offices, airports, travel agencies, and major train stations.

If you are bringing a credit card, Visa and Mastercard are widely accepted, unlike American Express and Diners Club, which are less commonly accepted. Cashpoints (ATMs) are all around, and most have no trouble accepting cards with the Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, and Cirrus symbols.


Each city has its customs when it comes to tipping. London is no different. Whilst tipping is customary in London’s restaurants, it is not obligatory in some situations. When eating out, it is normal to leave a tip that is 10% to 15% of the total bill. However, most restaurants do have a 12.5% service charge, so you may want to take that into account. Tipping is not customary for fast-food joints, takeaways, or self-service restaurants. If you are in a bar, tipping is generally not required. However, if you feel like it, you can always leave a tip for the bartender. If you are going to take a London taxi, it is customary to leave a 10% to 15% tip based on the fare. To make it easier, though, you can simply round up the fare to the nearest £1 and let the driver know that he can keep the change.

If you are travelling to London for the first time, it is a good idea to look for hotels central London. There are plenty of affordable and comfortable accommodations around. This way, you have easy access to all the major sights and attractions and can have a more pleasant stay. 


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